Scientific Committee

Members: Roberto Attanasio (President), Dominique Van Doorne (Secretary), Giorgio Borretta, Irene Misischi, Salvatore Monti, Roberto Negro, Enrico Papini

AACE Italian Chapter (AACE-IC) was founded on July 12 2014. The scientific committee (SC) was appointed in the same date due to its crucial role in AACE-IC life

Art 1. Mission
The SC aim is to develop and spread the clinical knowledge in endocrinology and metabolism: diagnostic skills, therapeutic options, educational tools for patients and health professionals, improvement of quality of life.

Art 2. Membership
The President of the SC is appointed by the President of the Board of Directors and approved by the Board. The President of SC is on duty for a two-year period that may be prolonged for a maximum of 3 terms (6 years).
The other members of the SC (at least two and maximum 6) are designated by the President of the SC, and stay serve for the President duty period; they can fired by the President in case of inappropriate contribution to the scientific activities.
The President will present the SC’s activities to the Board of Directors, for preliminary approval, funding and final verification.

Art 3. Activities
The SC activities of are entirely devoted to develop the AACE Chapter mission (as in art 1), as specified in the following articles.

Art 4. Guidelines and statements
The SC will promote the AACE guidelines and statements among the Italian endocrinologists. For this purpose, after AACE authorization, the SC may translate the document in Italian for a maximum availability and spreading.
Furthermore, the SC can directly promote the creation of new scientific documents, whether necessary, establishing the outline and calling experts for collaboration. The new documents may be produced in partnership with other scientific societies.

Art 5. Training courses and Certification
The SC will arrange training events, either residential face to face or online. In any case the SC will guarantee the highest quality standard as well as the achievement of CME scores.
The SC may organize special courses to offer the AACE-IC members a certificate as highly qualified in certain fields, such as the use of diagnostic procedures or teaching capabilities.

Art 6. Meeting organizations and endorsements
The SC can organize scientific events, either in an autonomous setting or allocated into high quality meetings organized by other scientific societies, provided the AACE-IC independence is granted for the choice of topics and speakers.
As a rule, the SC should not provide an endorsement to a meeting or any event organized by others unless:

  • AACE-IC has been fully involved since the beginning with a formal request to the AACE–IC President, followed by the SC approval;
  • The educational events and documents are strictly related to AACE-IC commitments (see Art 4 and 5).

Art 7. Decision making
As a rule, decisions are taken by consensus. Whenever a consensus is not reached, a vote will be necessary and in case of a draw, the President’s vote counts double.